Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 52 - (09/30) Home Again

We decided it was time to get home and drove the 430 miles needed to get there.

We started the day with sun and clear skies. It clouded over by mid-day and cleared for a sunny drive in Ohio. We didn't make it back before sunset, so we parked and unloaded in the dark.

It's been a wonderful trip. We're anxious to head out again, but not before we let the memories of this trip sink in.

9,167 miles driven (14.4 mpg)
6,934 miles towing the trailer
15 states
Some of the places we visited:
13 National Parks
8 National Monuments
4 State Parks
2 Space Museums

The employees and volunteers at national and state parks do an outstanding job of teaching and serving the public. Everyone we met was very pleasant and helpful.

We met strangers whom we'd now like to call friends.

Every place we visited was unique ... and the country is full of new sights to experience.